A Conversation for Molotov Cocktails

Cocktail carnival

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I have a few quirks with your entry dear hitchiker. I've been in situations where molotov cocktails were targeted at athorities.
1. they are reliable provided they're constructed properly.
1a. The flaming falling rag; an infamous problem. fixed with a dallop of duct tape.
1b. They'll always ignite provided the rag is aflame.
2. The glass will break unless you're targeting fluffy padded ping pong balls. this seems unlikley.

Merry Molotoving,
see you all at burning man (which we hope is the only place the destructive drinks will ever be thrown again).

Cocktail carnival

Post 2

Martin Harper

I'm sure you're right. However, to get this entry published by the BBC, I had to take certain liberties with the truth... Sad, but true.

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