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Finding a good list of Elfman's works?

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Lord Falk LeGrey

Elfman is great, of course. smiley - winkeye I've spent my time and money to found recordings but there is something that bothers me quite often.
I wish that I could find a good list of Elfman's works. Since I've tried imdb.com but the information is too complicated... smiley - fish Let's
see what kind of movie is Burton's Planet of Apes and what kind of music Elfman is going to compose... smiley - smiley

Finding a good list of Elfman's works?

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Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

For music, it's better to search the All Music Guide.

Finding a good list of Elfman's works?

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I may be able to help you in your enquiries.
I am a long time Boingo/Elfman addict.
I have had just about every recording Danny has done, including bootlegs.
If you would like to pick my brain, let me know.

Finding a good list of Elfman's works?

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"Sledge Hammer" Themetune? smiley - biggrin

Finding a good list of Elfman's works?

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I'm a uni student in England, studying Music Composition. We've been set an assignment about film music, styles, composers etc. I love Danny Elfmans work and have researched him, and found the usual bumpf. However I can't find anything which is, er, that interesting! Are you aware of a source that will tell me of his composition techniques, inspirations, etc? If you could reply to me at [email protected] that'd be great.

I'd really appreciate any help you offer!

Many thanks,

Ben James

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