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The composer Elfman most resembles in his film work is Hermann. I don't know the title of the song, but Elfman lifted the Batman theme lock, stock and barrel from the guy. I still dig the stuff, and yeah, yeah, I know, bad artists steal, good ones plagiarize (I think that's how it goes), but credit where credit is due. smiley - winkeye

Bernard Hermann

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Now, now... before anyone says anything about plagarism, you need to realize that Elfman (Boingo and post-Boingo) has always noted Hermann as one of his mentors and musical heroes. Which is why he and Bartek jumped at the opportunity to score the re-release of 'Psycho'. Quote Danny Elfman: "Hermann was my idol. The chance to adapt his work and hear it performed live was thrilling. My goal was to bring freshness to the score without straying from the impulses of the original and to record it with the energy that I believe Mr. Hermann intended."

The funny thing is that no one had started to criticize Elfman's orchestral "sound" until he had begun scoring films, when in fact this unique sound is an evolution you can trace throughout his musical career. Much like Lucas idolizing Akira Kurosawa, there is a difference between "stealing" another's vision and paying tribute to the influence of another artist.

Bernard Hermann

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I gotta find that song then. smiley - winkeye

Seriously, I haven't heard a great deal of Hermann's stuff other than that song, which a friend played for me. I'm not knocking Elf-dude, I'm just saying...not sure what I'm saying if I'm not knocking him. Er...so how 'bout them Lakers, huh?

Bernard Hermann

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That's what I thought. smiley - winkeye

Bernard Hermann

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Hawley Smoot

Hey. Sorry I didn't mention Hermann. See the "more elfman" forum for my little apology on the not-quite-completeness of the entry. Thanks to ye who pointed out Elfman's idolization of Hermann. Couldn't have said it better myself. And forgot to try.

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