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Steve Bartek

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Jim Lynn

Doesn't Steve Bartek do most of the work in Elfman's scores? He's his principal orchestrator, and a lot of people suggest he's more responsible for Elfman's distinctive sounds than Elfman himself.

Steve Bartek

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That is an interesting point. Though Danny Elfman did the majority of writing through the years with the group (both lyrically and musically), Steve Bartek did a good deal of scoring and arranging, particularly horn arangements. When it came down to composing and producing film scores, they worked in the same facets as a writer/arranger team. A really great article on the subject can be found here: http://www.boingo.com/articles/FSMBartek.html Bartek has never been the "vocal" one of the group, so it was easy for speculation to take over in some cases. But it's an interesting read, nonetheless, and sets some facts straight on the subject.

Steve Bartek

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Thanks Amanda - it's a great read! It broke my heart the day that someone told me that Steve did most of the work, not Danny. I'm glad to read that it's more complex than that.

It also mad me sad when Oingo broke up. smiley - sadface Oh well, at least they left us a wonderful farewell concert on Halloween........

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I know, I know! smiley - sadface And me without ever having seen them in concert...

...But I have the Farewell video as a consolation prize! Glad to know there are more of us out there. 12 step program, anyone? smiley - winkeye

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Sadly, I also missed out on seeing them live, but the concert video is just great. Especially the first part showing the early history of the band. Weird weird weird!

Steve Bartek

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*Hurries off to work on that Guide entry she promised!!* smiley - winkeye Weird, indeed! I'm almost sure that's why I like 'em so...

Steve Bartek

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wow, i didn´t knwo about Bartek doing a lot of the stuff. In Germany nobody really knows about them and just laughs at the name. I also never really considered them _that_ weird but very much on the point about many things. I also think that songs liek dead man´s party or Weird Science (love the movie by the by, see it about 30 times) are good but by no means their best. Wonder why those songs in particular made it so big. Does anyone know if there is a studio version of Violent Love out there? I only knwo the one on Boingo Alive. That's all.

- Holger

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