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Steve K.

Nice entry. I am/was only a casual fan, so there are a lot of gaps in my understanding of the continuing story, which the entry helps fill.

As with other good comedies ("Cheers", "Frasier", "Scrubs"), I think the writers deserve a lot of the credit. A few lines I recall:

(Ross walks in with teeth so white they glow)
Chandler (frowning): "What was wrong with your ... human teeth?"

Joey: "Man, its cold in here, my nipples could cut glass!"
Phoebe: "Really? I use mine to get out of tickets."

Favorite Lines

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I like the one with the christmas armadillo - but my friend says there are only two types of joke:

"Don't eat that sandwich Joey!"
"I won't eat that sandwich!"
(waits until they leave the room - eats sandwich
time passes, they enter)
"Where has that sandwich gone?"
"I dunno!"


Do you remember the time when...
Actually, that was me, I admit....

However, I like it.

Favorite Lines

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Friends has many classic lines and so often the actors get far too much credit for the writers work smiley - doh

One of my favourites was when Brooke Shields starred as a mad stalker after Dr Drake Ramoray (AKA Joey). Joey pretended he was really Drake's brother pretending to be Drake, and the girls try to help him out. They take turns to throw their glasses of water in his face exclaiming things like 'you pretended to be Drake to sleep with me', Chandeler, not one to miss out on the fun, stands up, chucks his glass of water in Joey's face and exclaims "and you left the toilet seat up, you b*****d"

Classic smiley - biggrin

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