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Can anybody tell me why my @ is where my " is - and why I cannot get the sign for the British currency up - please don't refer me to any helpline - they are about as much use as .... whoops can't be defamitory!!


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Researcher 31914


Sorry, I shouldn't make you feel bad.

This only applies if you have a Windoze machine; go to Control Panels (either in START>Settings, or on your Hard Disc somewhere), then into Keyboard. Then, go to the 'Language' tab (at the top of the window). It will probably say 'American' in the white bit. You need to 'Add...' another language. You may have to put in your Windows CD (it will tell you what to do once you've clicked 'Add...'). Then click 'Remove' having selected the original language. You will probably have to Restart your machine.

Hope this helps


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Grunthos the flatulent

Never mind that, what i need to know is where's the ANY KEY....?????


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The ANY KEY is located between the CONTINUE KEY and the ANY OTHER KEY. If that doesn't help try banging the keyboard with your head or the head of the one closest to you.


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Millennium Bug

http://www.ridhughz.demon.co.uk/wav/anykey.wav - sorry couldn't resist, found the Homer wav on that site ages ago, remove anykey.wav for the list of wavs I found there


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WOOHOO cool sounz!! smiley - fish

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