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Car paradox

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Here's one of those annoying time warp paradox.
Let's say you have a brand new car. It doesn't matter what kind. One day you go to a movie and you leave it with the valet guy.
The valet guy is really just some guy in a little red vest who promptly steals your car. So you bulid a time machine and go back in time to the day of the incident. At the cinema you stop your self and say to park the car yourself. So your car was never stolen. But since it was never stolen then you didn't have to go back in time. So it was stolen but you prevented that so it wasn't and then that means it was. was, wasn't was, wasn't. Could some one help me out with this?

Car paradox

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Omy god!!!!!!!!!!! sir and or madom i have ponderd this question myself (i didn't use the example of the car but... the murder of jfk) i have asked many people this question,most agreed that (in the case of the car) you would have your car stolen anyways because if it was never stolen then you would not have built the time machine in the frist place.

please excuse my horrible spelling.

Car paradox

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yes this is a problamatic question. one to which i dont think a definite answer can be reached firstly because of its imposibility and secondly because it is simply back and forth logic

Car paradox

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1. Your car is stolen.

2. To change the past, you go back in time and take action to prevent the theft.

3. The point in time you go back to, when you get there, is the present - everything after that which happens is the new present. If you stay there then your car was never stolen.

4. If you go forward to where you left from, then while in the past you left behind your car was not stolen, in the present you have returned to your car was stolen in the past.

Assuming you could go back in time, change things, then return to the present, the present you returned to would be the result of the past you changed, so since you are returning to where you came from, then regardless of your efforts, changing the past could not result in a change to the present. (Which is why when I go back I do really wild things with no fear of the consequences, because there are none.)

smiley - tardis

Car paradox

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hmmm kinda like, everything you do in the past has already happened therefore nothing will change.smiley - winkeye

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