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The funniest card trick in the world.

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This should be played on one person at a time!

For this you'll need 2 sets of cards, each with 5 cards.

Note: cards should be different 5 cards, but should resemble (for instance, if you had a Jack of spades in one, use a kin of spades or Jack of clubs in the other).

Hide the second group, not allowing anyone to see it exists, and spread the 5 cards. Tell you friend to remember one card.

Now, as you collect the cards, you'll need to switch between the 2 sets, spreading the other set with the backs up.
This will be an easy switch after some messy attempts on your sister/close relatives/friends.

Now make some magic impression (some like the smiley - magic wrds, some the movements... I usually just bullshit about magic energies for a couple of seconds) and remove a card from the deck ( a more extravagand version will be to tear it up. Just be careful doing that, so you won't show the card while doing it).

All that behind us, just reveal the remaining cards.
The lack of "remembering the other cards not chosen" and simple "process of elimination" thoughts will cause the subject of the magic to belive that the card gone is his/hers.

Tell me how it worked smiley - smiley
smiley - hsif

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The funniest card trick in the world.

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