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Coin disapears...

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The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528)

There are many ways to disapear a coin. This is one. You place your elbow down on a table, your hand hugging your neck. Now, with the other hand you rub a coin, flat, against your arm. The coin is covered and not visible ot your audience. You rub and rub until 'accidentally' you drop it. So, you pick it up with the arm you were rubbing it against and -pretend- to pass it to the other hand. You put yourself in the previous position and continue to do that trick. The coin should, however, be on your neck now. You show your hands and the coin is magically gone!

Was this clear?

Coin disapears...

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Clear as mud

Coin disapears...

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The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528)

Clear as mud?
That's not good, is it?
smiley - winkeye

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