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Dead easy card trick

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Ugi - Keeper of typos & spelling errers - MAT (see A575912)

The world's easiest card trick is as follows:

1) Shuffle a deck & get your victim to select a card
2) They look at the card and pass it to you face down
3) You take the card with your right hand, thumb at the bottom, fingers at the top and hold it at a natural sort-of-half-arm's-length-distance.
4) By bending the card very slightly, you can see the suit and number printed on the bottom right corner of the card, although your victim will not realise you can do so.
5) Repeat as necessary.

This can be combined with silly patter about stroking the back of the card "to feel the secret raised printing" or listening very carefuly as you bend it to "hear the tell-tale crack of the glaze"

Your victim will never know how easy it is until they try it for themselves!



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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Another simple card trick - although it may sound a little complicated.

You need to prepare the deck of cards - remove the four aces, and keep them seperate. Turn the deck face up, and then turn the top card face down.

To perform the trick: select a volunteer. Held the deck of cards firmly, and ask your volunteer to push the aces into it, one by one, each the same way up as the deck apperas to be (ie face down). Square up the cards, so that no edges are sticking out (this is only for show really). Then pass the deck behind your back, from one hand to the other. As you do so, secretly turn over the top card, and then turn the whole deck over.

Done well, it will just look like you passed the deck behind your back. But when you fan slowly through the cards, you will find that the aces have all mysteriously turned themselves face up...

Aces -> Dog Tricks

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Researcher 180086

You can also do this trick with any card, not reserved, and in plain sight:

Prep the deck by turning the bottom card over.
Fan the deck but make sure not to expose the upside-down bottom card.
Have the mark pick any card.
While they show it to everyone, turn over the top card, and flip the entire deck, keeping it square.
Have them hold the picked card from the other end, face down, and push it edge-on into the deck.
Tell then you can teach that card a dog trick, to jump up to the top...
With a flourish, say "jump!' - pick off the reversed top card, and as you do hold the deck in your hand vertically, so they can't see the way it's facing. Of course this will be wrong, and you'll get a small laugh.
Explain that it's an old deck, and like an old dog... etc... then try "lie down!" and with another flourish - pull off the reversed bottom card, and show it. Again, it's wrong. Dejected, ask for one last chance.
This time, explain that "roll over" is your last chance. Shout "roll over to the exposed, (now innocent) face-down deck, and start slowly and dramatically fanning the deck to see that -to everyone's amazement - their card has obeyed and is face up!

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