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Collect plastic food trays (like the one you get microwave meals in or mince etc), used yoghurt pots and eggs boxes pierce holes in the bottom and use them as mini seeds trays.

If you are on a low budget sieve some garden soil and mix it with a small bag of seeding compost (seeds get the extra nutrients they need and you save some money).

Get a drain pipe cut it down the middle so you have two halves and plant your pea seeds in it 3 inches apart, when they are established, dig a trench the same depth as the half cut drain pipe and slide directly into the ground.

If you are directly into your garden save old plastic bottles (2ltr ones) cut them in half and place them over your seeds - this helps to germinate them and protects them from pests.

Grow sweetpeas in and around your runner beans - it attracts bees to pollinate the runners thus getting a better crop of beans.

Useful ideas

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Good suggestions, C-C. I particularly like the idea of planting the peas and beans. What a lovely show that would make. Even better if you plant some of the very fragrant peas.

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