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I love this entry. It has taught me that, on the rare occasions when I write poetry, it is often iambic pentameter smiley - smiley

Yes, "Ipswich is the palindrome of Bolton" is an incorrect statement. Perhaps for the benefit of a lot of people, we should point out that it is also a meaningless one. A word doesn't have a palindrome in the same sense that it might have an antonym, an anagram etc. A word (or phrase) either IS or IS NOT a palindrome. Hence the quote "The palindrome of Bolton would be 'Notlob'" is also incorrect. It should have been "The reverse of Bolton would be Notlob." But that wouldn't have worked so well in the sketch, of course...


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Sea Change

Not having lived in or even having seen either Ipswich or Bolton, my imagination wonders if, metaphorically, the experience of being in one might actually seem to be the inverse of being in the other.

This would be good information for a hitchhiker who had a miserable time at one of those locales.


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I've not been to Bolton, but I have been to Ipswich, and I can report that, according to your theory, Bolton must be a quite magical place smiley - smiley

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