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gender pronoun games arnt just for the stigmatized

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The gender pronoun game is now something that EVERYONE can participate in! - and it ISNT about deception or 'hiding' anything about yourself or someone else. its about recognizing there *are values and assumptions made based on gender pronouns and that these pronouns ignore/exclude/box in people of all varying shapes sizes orientations and manifestations - not everyone, and moreover NOONE fits neatly into these pronouned catagories.

i think the article makes a point about how difficult it can be to avoid using these terms in conversation (not so much about the conditions of their use...) and therein how much these terms are used to define and reinforce these 'gender' concepts...

i think its interesting jsut to try it for yourself, in daily conversation try refering to people as 'them' or by their name or some other 'neutral' concept.

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gender pronoun games arnt just for the stigmatized

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