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The non-partner variant

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Mr. Waters

There is a version of the Gender Pronoun Game where you are not describing your own partner but rather describing someone to your partner. Let me elaborate. Imagine that your girlfriend is the jealous type and you meet up with a female friend who she does not know. "Yeah, I went for a drink with Jack (Jacqueline). Jack's fine, just wanted to talk. Doubtless you two will meet soon." etc. This also occurs where you don't want to admit to having a partner at all and are trying to avoid the "you were on a date? Details now" moments, or even the "you're married? Goodbye" moments.

The non-partner variant

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

That is indeed a common variant of the Gender Pronoun Game. I admit to feeling sorry for those who feel they must practice this variant for whatever reason. It sounds like a poor indicator of the person's (primary?) relationship.

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