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I was grinning about this entry, it *is* a funny game, sad that it needs playing, but there you are.

But the last few paragraphs seem overly aggressive, really.



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The last bit is a tad agressive, but there are times where you might want to get aggressive with a friend because you support them and are tired of them feeling they have to be closed or protective around you.

If you think someone is playing the *game* with you, and you want to express your support for them, regardless of orientation, you might want to bring gender into a conversation in an assumptive way.

NOTE FOR THE SOCIALLY IMPAIRED: It is important NOT to do this in a group conversation, apply it only when speaking one-on-one in a private conversation. There is nothing worse than "outing" someone who doesn't want to be out, except doing it in a crowd.

From Article: <>

The sample shows how the speaker is feeling awkward or worring about being negatively judged. Support the speaker with a simple follow-up that uses a gender-specific pronoun, such as, "She won't wear that outfit again, will she?" The speaker has little choice but to continue with the gender you have assigned or to correct you.

Be careful, you might offend if you pick the wrong gender, or if the speaker is especially shy to reveal their orientation. And sorry, my sample came out a bit sarcastic, but I'm trying to work with the sample in the article. You'd be well advised not to be a smart-ass while someone feels awkward while talking to you. Hell, someone needs to write an article on good conversation skills so I can just reference it.

It must be late because I'm going on-and-on. Life. Don't talk to me about life. Ah well. smiley - esuom

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