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The Jabberwock

I have an aternate method, which I find less risky. Basicaly, break the egg into your hand and then move the yoke about between your fingers until all the white has slid off and dropped into the bowl below. (I did tell you to have a bowl under your hand didn't I?) The advantage of this is that fingers are less sharp than the edges of a broken egg shell, so the risk of breaking the yoke is reduced. You also get more of the white off, which is good if you want very pure yokes (for instance if you're making egg tempera paint; I learnt this method from an icon painter). The disadvantage is, of course, that the chance of getting covered in egg white has gone from a probability to a certainty.


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Hullo Jabberwock,

Good idea, has merit, understand the pros especially re: paint.


EEwww smiley - yuk Slimy. I think eggs are sort of revolting raw, and try not to pay a lot of attention while I mess with them.
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If my fella ever needs to do it, I'll tell him your way. He refuses to have the motor skills to do it in the shells. He's male, and probably thinks nothing of something as icky as...

Never mind. I'm overtired. This is my first, albeit puny, Edited Entry. Have several smiley - bubbly, paid for today by the blue badges. Invite your friends (tell them to please leave the eggs at home though, ok?)smiley - laugh

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I just use a pot that has a slit in it which allows the white to slip through leaving the yolk intact


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The Jabberwock

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So what it boils down to is this:

If your gender means you don't have the motor skills to use shells, use hands.

If your gender means you have an irrational fear of egg white, use shells.


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Yep. smiley - ale Cheers!

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