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Rat breeds

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Personally I prefer animals that still look close to the way they look in nature. A brown or black rat looks better than an albino, IMHO! But anyways, this is very interesting, I'd check this entry out from time to time to find out about people's experiences with pet rats!

Rat breeds

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Researcher 196478

I find that brown or black rats look wild and could get thought of wrongly.But I think that if you look at different types and coulors then you come to realise that most colors suit rats

Rat breeds

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Researcher 196478

thats what i just typed

Rat breeds

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I have two pet rats. One is hooded (Hatshepsut), the other one is dark brown (Arsinoe). I must admit I don't care too much about their colours, as long as they have a strong personality, which my wee ones really have- little gremlins smiley - winkeye
But you are right, dark ratties get thought of wrong. My Granny does not like Arsinoe, bevause she looks like the usual *street rats*, though she is, of course, smaller and better educated... but Granny likes Hatshi. "She does not look like a rat" as Gran says. As long as my wee girls are not blue or green or pink, I don't really care, but that's just the way many people (especially elderly people) are ?!

Rat breeds

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Foxdragon - Resident Pyromancer

I think someone forgot to mention the Irish Black rat breed.

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