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(Parenthesis -how to pack a lava lamp)

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Go to local store, building site or wherever they use catering size tins of coffee.
Beg two empties and wash and dry them
Put elastoplast on the places on your arms that the sharp tins have cut.
Put the lamp base in the smaller tin (what do you mean they're both the same size?)and pack underwear round it as tightly as possible.
Put the lamp bit in the other tine and stuff socks all round it.
The lamp will be slightly too big for you to put the lid on the tin - so don't.
Put both lids in bottom of bag.
Tape the two open ends together with parcel tape.
Put other things round the package and carry on as normal.
Oh - you'll need to go to customs both ends to explain that you're not carrying a bomb, as no-one can work out the image on the X-ray (the lamp in my kitchen in England has been to Oz and back) smiley - star

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(Parenthesis -how to pack a lava lamp)

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