A Conversation for Funnelling - a Great Game


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What a fantastic game. There is one problem, after that many drinks the likelyhood of extreme violence ensuing is rather great. How does one circumvent this potential threat? I don't think the promise of more beer would work.

Also, I wouldn't trust my mates in that situation for toffee, whilst demonstrating I'd surely be the first to get funnelled.


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Marjin, After a long time of procrastination back lurking

S**t, you just gave away the real real real rules!!!


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to prevent agression you should play the game with your real friend only, but I think than it will be less funny. When you play it with absolute strangers, make sure the person with whom you are playing isn't the local Arnold Schwarzenegger-type and that he doesn't have a lot of friend with him. To counterstrike the possible agression, make sure you've got all your friend and teammates at your side and at your disposal (I played it at a hockeytournament in The Netherlands, and a buch of drunk hockeyplayers holding and swinging hockeysticks will surely scare the possible agressors off).

good luck!


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surely just gathering mates up is akin to starting an arms race (well, hard pals race), soon a full on armed conflict will undoubtedly occur

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