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Reality in 2005

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Are we all aware of Stephen Hawking's 1974 conclusion that T = i theta, Rouse Penrose's, "The Road to Reality", OUP, 2004 and Paul J. Steinhardt and Neil Turok's 2005 ideas on supersymmetry, please?

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Reality in 2005

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I do not see any T, i or theta in tne article.
Could someone define these terms.
Are we talking about gravity waves? smiley - headhurts

Reality in 2005

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Hi shagbark,

"The Road to Reality", Page 769.

We are talking about the 21st century (probable) extensions to Einsteinian gravity. smiley - smiley

Diamagnetic Levitation - Key to Explaining Gravity?

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I believe the secret to explaining the phenomenon we call GRAVITY will be found here:


These scientists have made a machine that will FLOAT organic NON FERROUS objects!!! There is a movie of a floating strawberry and floating water spheres.

Large objects just as THE EARTH and the SUN contain LARGE amounts of MATTER. Which are just LARGE COLLECTIONS of particles with electrical charges that are aggregating around a POINT in space. (center of the earth / center of the sun)

It takes LARGE amounts of these particles to create a difference large enough to create a gravitational field.

Diamagnetic Levitation machines compensate for lack of "matter" by SUPER FREEZING material. I think you can get the same effect of having large mass by FREEZING a smaller mass (making it more/ super dense). Look at the frog that is levitated using the machine. Notice the frog is NOT made of iron! It is organic material that is LESS DENSE... but the surrounding contraption used to suspend this frog is FROZEN to a very low temperature and is super dense thus causing a LARGE differential in potential energy which allows the frog to "float" or find it's center point at a focal point related to the frozen portions of the machine.

Perhaps the void of the universe is the FROZEN SUPERDENSE medium by which the earth and sun find their focal points.

Firehawk of Indiana
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