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I think the problem is unprovable.

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The trick is to have the numbers written down in standard form (one above the other) so that you can stare at them (back then, I didn't have to have the "x" written down so that I could remember what I was doing). Doing the multiplications in long form like we were taught in grade school is hopeless; you do cross-products and use your index finger to keep track of which group of cross-products you're doing. For example, in multiplying ABC by DEF, the first group of cross-products is C*F, the second group of cross-products is B*F and C*E, the third group of cross-products is A*F, B*E, and C*D, the third group of cross-products is A*E and B*D, and the last group of cross-products is A*D. After you finish summing up the cross-products for a particular group, you can write down a digit of the product. Remembering the carries is God-awful, but if your mind still works, it can be done.

I think the problem is unprovable.

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Oops. I've got two third groups listed. So much for my memory.

I think the problem is unprovable.

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Pirate Alexander LeGray

Yep; all sorts of manner of different ways apart from long multiplication, which is just too hard for me to do in my head. smiley - smiley

Anyway, nobody can say something is unprovable, except in general where everything is unprovable. Even this. smiley - silly

I think the problem is unprovable.

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Gnomon - time to move on

Bizarre though it may seem, it is in fact possible to prove that certain mathematical facts are unprovable.

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