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Shortstop Location

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5th Earth (speaker to the void)

I may be hopelessly confused, but it has always been my understanding that the shortstop stands between second and third base, not first and second as this article states. Naturally, this means the second baseman stands between first and second.

In other words, I think this article has got the shortstop and the second baseman backwards. I used to play second base a lot, and I always stood between first and second, with correspondingly altered shortstop location, but this was only in informal games.

Shortstop Location

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Steve K.

I thought the same thing, but on re-reading I think the author is referring to which player COVERS second base, i.e. if the ball is hit between 2nd and 3rd, the second baseman would cover second base, e.g. for a throw to force out a runner from first. But the second baseman STANDS between 1st and 2nd while the pitches are made.

Actually, as an old second baseman, I recall standing in shallow right field if there was a big sucker hitting. A guy could get smiley - injured

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