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I look at the pronunciation guide, and immediately, it's erred.

the A of the dutch language does not sound as the A in cat, but rather as the A in arbitrary or arboretum.
The A in cat sounds much more like the E in the dutch word pet.

There are some weird pronunciation pointers in the double vowel-section as well...

UU is, as far as I, born and bread Dutchman know, not pronounced as the OO in loo (that's the sound of Dutch OE)

EI in dutch is nothing like the AI in train. It is, however sounding too German then, closer to the english -ine as in thine, wine and pine.

There are more things not at all correct about this guide, but as it is 02:30 in the morning, I give up for now.

Some problems...

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You can call me TC

I agree with all of that, plus which the "jay" is not like English, but like German, where the "J" is pronounced like a "Y".

So "J" is "yay"

Some problems...

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(Is anyone really interested in this stuff. Just in case...)

Dutch IJ and EI have the same pronunciation. Say the 'a' in English 'name'. Now say English 'eye'. Now say them both together.

Dutch UI. Say the 'oy' in English 'boy'. Now say the 'ow' in English 'now'. Now say them both together.

The Dutch short A is about half way between the English short 'a' and the English short 'e', of 'than' and 'then' respectively.

Two Dutch vowel sounds are close to the English 'oo' in 'loo', though neither is identical. If you refer to 'mijn buurman Jan de Boer', the first one is said with pursed lips, a bit like a German u-umlaut.

Does any of this help?

Some problems...

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You can call me TC

buurman is neighbour, right?

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