A Conversation for Humankind's Responsibility to Earth: Inaction is Not an Option

Where do we go from here?

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I'm with you in your analysis of the problem but the question is: what do we do?
Probably we need a multi-track approach, incorporating all of the following:
*Cutting down consumption
*Clean technologies
*Addressing inequalities between rich and poor nations
*Empowering women to control their family size.

There are so many questions and inconsistencies though.
If you cut down consumption you put people out of work, as the current economic downturn shows.
If you develop clean technologies, you are still using scarce resources.
The last point is contentious with many cultures and religious groups.

Don't know. Wish I did.
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Where do we go from here?

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I want to support this article by growing this little seed under it. We need a multitrack approach. What we need is a listing of the issues and tracks to resolving them, and then we have to formalize a document, create a curriculum around it, and make solving the problems the raison d'etre of the human species. It's a teleological thing people who feel the human race is special can line up with: We're here to solve these problems.

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