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a visitor to planet earth

I f you want your washing machine to have a long life dont overload it.


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but it's so hard to know when you have somtimes. Like, i'll use a launderette machine, which can take quite a large load, and then i'll use my mum's, which doesn't take as big a load, and the difference can be hard to judge. I will remember now that 5 man's shirts, or 2 towels, is equivalent to 1kg. But then, what about pants and panties? How many of them does it take to make 1kg smiley - cake


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Sho - employed again!

I think it's better to look in the machine - if you're having trouble getting the last sock in, you are probably putting too much in there. The clothes should be able to move around quite freely.


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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

I'm with you Sho, so long as it's not jam tight, and you can wiggle your hand at the top, it aint over-loaded smiley - winkeye. I've have never weighed washing, don't know anyone who has either.

Though, you have to be a bit careful with large towels, as they get so heavy when wet. Which is why I think this conversation was started by my other half. I happened to mention that the washing washine was complaining when he phoned me from work one day recently. I had two large towels along with a few other bits, usually limit it to just one large towel at a time, the machine sorted itself out and was fine a few mins later.

My previous washing machine was good fun!!! it leaked about once of every five times I used it. I had to stand and watch it until it got to a certain point in the cycle, where I knew it wouldn't leak. Before I knew I needed to watch it, it flooded the kichen and almost half of the front room. That was before 'visitor' moved in with me, he was living in Birmingham, and thought me very strange 'cause' while I was telling him on the phone about the flood and damage, I was laughing. It was one of those smiley - laugh or smiley - cry situations, and I usually prefer to smiley - laughsmiley - smiley

smiley - bluebutterfly


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Sho - employed again!

oh towels are a thorny issue here. So much so that only _I_ am allowed to wash them.

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