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Douglas Johns

Just to add a few additions to the amusing article. Only, if you want to experience the rapidly disappearing art of 'going through the basic system' to get whatever you are attempting to obtain - it's worth the experience and those around you will enjoy your dedication, but it really is very simple to get the right train and ticket in a number of ways.

Firstly, at Delhi Station, downstairs is the 'basic office', upstairs, is a 'Tourist/Foreigners' airconditioned office (with a very long queue on seats)if you want to wait the odd hour or so, but, Secondly, presuming that you will be staying in a Hotel, ask at the desk. All they need to know is your name, (age for reduction as a 'recycled teenager) and destination and date of travel. They will have the tickets within a few hours, charge virtually nothing and explain the system. Thirdly, there are countless good 'travel agents' who will do the same.

The trains are the way to go if the journey is 100-200 miles, but would suggest that Jet Airways or Sahara Airways (plenty of others) for the longer 'hops'!

If you are not travelling on the Tourist trains, suggest the 'Shatabdi' service, where your name will be 'posted' on the carriage with your seat numbers - look on your ticket for the carriage no. and seats.
You will be 'fed and watered' to a higher standard than by air.

One point to remember is that when you are very poor, sweepers have been known to relieve passengers of bags and items as they passed crouched on the floor - I speak from experience!

India is a wonderful Country and wonderful people - enjoy your trip!smiley - teasmiley - tea

Re Buying a Rail Ticket in India

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Skankyrich [?]

Thanks Doug! An update on this entry has been waiting to happen for a while, and - when it finally does - I'll be sure to let you know so you can provide some input if you like. Could be anything up to a month or so away, but I'll be in touch smiley - ok

Re Buying a Rail Ticket in India

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Cyclone_13 - Simnut and Eater of Small Children

LoL, really amusing article, and totally true. Infact, I'd suggest people travel only by the Shatabdis, as they're as good as our airways (slower, though), and much easier to get around in. And buying a ticket in the South is a little bit easier, 'coz they don't have the queues anymore, you can book tickets via the internet there. Or any E-Seva (E-Help) centres splattered in and around large cities. Much better than Delhi's Nizammuddin Central :D

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