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"What we are now focussed on at h2g2 is what happens when people start to share information while they are on the move. Soon we will start to see devices arriving that combine palmtop computers with cellphones with Internet devices with GPS systems. That - in a phrase we hear over and over again when people talk about the Internet - will change everything. You'll be able to read and write to the Guide wherever you are: at the station, in the plane, on a park bench, in your car (pulled over to the side of the road with the handbrake on, of course) in a café. And when you write in something as simple as 'The coffee here is lousy!' the Guide will know exactly what to do with that information and where to put it. And if you see, a few seconds later, a note which says 'Yes, but the cheesecake is good' it might be worth looking round the other tables to see who you've just made contact with."

Mr. Adams, first let me say I am a very avid fan - and I think this whole thing is just amazing. I have quoted the passage above because even though you all are releasing the Mobile version of the Guide, we still can not add entries via mobile. We can only read. This is a shame, and when I looked for an explanation it says that it is technically impossible right now. Well, that's sort of ridiculous. As an Internet Technology specialist I could easily have implimented this. So I am wondering, what is the hold up with allowing us to add entries on the mobile site ?

Pocket PC Access

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Hi there,

I'm guessing the 'hold up' might have to do with resources - like 'time', 'money', smiley - coffee and smiley - donut

Pocket PC Access - A Work Around

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Actually I have just found a work around. On my Pocket PC, a Dell Axim - I first went and bookmarked the new mobile site. Then I put in the URL to the full PC version of The Guide and when it loaded up I clicked the "Text Only" link at the top most left corner of the page. This kicked the entire main Site for H2G2 over to a very nice text only version.

If you use this method on a Pocket PC, make sure you bookmark both the mobile version as well as the full version. The reason is that clicking on those bookmarks is the only way to back out of text only mode.

Pocket PC Access - An Adendum

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This is an addendum to my work around post. I discovered that I must first sign in on the main graphical site, and then switch to Text Only, which will appear on the right top of the page. I also discovered that after signing in I can easily switch back and forth from graphical to text.

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Pocket PC Access

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christopher doyon: I noticed you addressed your post to Douglas. I am sorry to tell you that unfortnatelly for the world, his loved ones, and the universe in general, Mr. Adams passed away in 2001.

I am sorry.

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