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When I was a child I saw a lot of ghosts, which my parents found out after making various enquiries, were real people who had died.

At a farmhouse we moved to in Hilltop, a group of houses near Rothbury in Northumberland England, the day we moved in I told my mum about an old man I'd seen in the hall. Turned out he was the old farmer. In the same house, I had both a bedroom and a playroom. When my bedroom was being decorated I had to sleep in the playroom and told my mum I saw 'people in the wall'. What I went on to tell her was that there was a little boy and his older sister who had a little dog and they would talk to me and I liked them. Then, however, the 'man with the black moustache' would show up sometimes and scare them away as he was a very frightening person. My parents asked around the locals and it turned out that a man exactly fitting that description had lived around there and had been very dodgy and mischevious - hence why we (me and the other kids from the playroom) didn't like him.

Around the same time, when we visited my grandmother I would play upstairs in her bedroom for hours with a 'man who cleaned horses' tack'. The house was a converted coaching inn and we think he was an old coachman. Oddly enough, when I got a bit older I would still go into her room to play sometimes. She had this walk-in wardrobe which I played in, but as I got older I stopped because every time I went in the wardrobe I got scared by the icy coldness that would be there. I later found out that I'd told my parents that was where I played with the coachman.

More recently, odd things have happened in houses I've lived in although I haven't actually seen the ghosts.

At the last house I lived in, my bedroom door had a habit of closing itself - it was not due to wonky hinges or open windows creating a draft either. One evening as I was getting out of the shower the word 'hello' was written in the condensation at me - nobody else wrote it (I don't know any practical jokers and my mum didn't have a clue). When I re-steamed up the bathroom for her to see the writing it had gone.

The house I live in now was originally built in the 1600s and is situated over a mine shaft. Since we moved in there have been nothing but strange (and scary) things happening. The computer turns itself on. Not from standby due to a power surge, but actually turns on all by itself - once when it was turned off at the wall! You can hear (and feel) the back door slam sometimes even though it is locked and everybody is in the house. The scariest incident so far happened to me one night while I was in bed asleep. I was WOKEN UP by knocking on the wall next to my head from the adjacent room. It was deep and very loud. I know I didn't dream it as it went on for several moments after I woke up. The next day I went into the room it had come from and tried knocking on the wall myself - completely different sound, thin and definitely not loud enough to wake someone up, so I know it wasn't anybody playing a joke on me. Needless to say, not many people like staying there with the lights off!

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my ghosts

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