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Spirits that look over us

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Lady of the Lake {A friend to all, a lover of none}

Have you ever had that feeling that there is someone in the room with you or watching you and when you look there is no one there???

After my Grandparents died I started to have the feeling that someone was watching me in my house, it wasn't an earie feeling, it was almost calming. One evening while I was watching TV I smelt Cherry Pipe tobacco, it was my grandads favourite backy and no one else I knew smoked it and before you think it, he had never smoked his pipe in my house, so it wasn't in any of the fabrics and I wasn't imagining it, it was far too strong. Well I thought about it for weeks without mentioning it to anyone and I smelt it on several occasions, then one evening after work my mum called round for coffee, I opened the door and let her in and I knew by the look on her face that she could smell what I could....Grandads backy! We chatted about it for quite a while, mum said she could feel his prescence in the room with us. Well I have moved quite a few times since that first evening and no matter where I move to his spirit comes with us, I believe that he is watching over my son and I, its a feeling that makes me feel warm and I hope that its always with us.

So for those of you who disbelieve, think again, next time you feel someone is watching you or in a room with you, then wonder who it is and be grateful they care enough to grace you with their presence.

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Spirits that look over us

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