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"Coarse" salt, and alternatives to Triple Sec

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Sea salt (available in bulk) makes an excellent Margarita salt. And is good for you.

I think Triple Sec tastes funny, and substitute sugar, which tastes better. A margarita is just a limeade with salt and tequila, anyway.

- Squeeze the juice from half (or slightly more of) a lime into a glass. Not the one you're going to drink it from, this is just for mixing. A large drink tumbler is a good choice.
- Add quite a lot of granulated sugar (2-3 heaping spoons, to taste)
- Add 1-2 shots of tequila (to taste)

Mix well and server over LOTS of ice in a standard-issue "margarita glass with salted rim". Adjust the ingredients balance to taste.

Adjusting to taste is the key. At parties when you are basically making pitchers of it at a time, it is easier to get right. The right amount of sugar will vary slightly depending on the limes and quality of the tequila. Also, if people are avoiding the salt on the rim, you may want to put a pinch of salt into the drink. (Not too much, that's icky.)

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"Coarse" salt, and alternatives to Triple Sec

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