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I have found the perfect Margarita

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I have found the perfect Margarita and it is located at the Plaza Azteca authentic Mexican restaurante in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA on Holland Road. They make them frozen in the big "slurpee" machines and I don't know how they do it but its shear perfection. So far my tested limit is 2 1/2 "Grande" sized drinks.

Also I would like to reply about the the "Margaritaville" Jimmy Buffett song being old and tired comment...Jimmy has been writing and performing songs for more than 20 years....He has alot more to offer than just that one song! I can listen to him for hours, I've been to his concerts and he is the concert king of performers as far as I can tell. He is definitely worth taking the time to listen to, especially if all your'e doing is sitting around on a hot day, eating mexican food and sipping a tasty Margarita! smiley - smiley

I have found the perfect Margarita

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You are soooooo lucky I have yet to make it to a Jimmey Buffet concert, when ever we are over in the states we pick up a couple more of his CD's as you can never get them in Britain ( or very rarly). I had always liked "Le Chant pour le enfants" or how ever it was spelt as a child and fell in love with Off to See the Lizard as a teenager and have been getting hold of CD's whenever possible. But deffinately one for sunny days and margartias which my boyfriend mixes the most leathal ones with 5 shorts and not a lot more else, though I do have a prefrence for Henry J Beans Strawberry Margartitas.

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I have found the perfect Margarita

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