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Alas, now history, Bunny Tots where once part of the mighty Tot empire the sole remaining standard bearer of which remains the irrepressible Jelly Tot. Along with Tiger Tots the mightly three formed a large part of my childhood diet but of the lot it was Bunny Tots that really did it.
Partly, because they were so bloody difficult to get in Dublin whenever a consignment came in they were instantly grabbed and made off with. Basically they were fruit flavoured chewey sweets, sort of like Skittles that had been flattened and squared. Each was, naturally, a different colour though I'm not sure that these colours had any bearing on flavour rather just the particular e number that was used. You jammed a half dozen into your mouth munched them into a soggy chew mass and then swallowed with great difficulty. Heaven.

The Texan Bar was another. A nougat-toffee chocolate covered hybrid it was brilliant because at different times of the year it was two completely different bars.
In winter, with the cold weather it was a small thin slab of concrete sugar that was capable of shattering in your mouth and impossible to chew before saliva had worked on it for at least half a day...but come summer... well imagine a bar that you could grip your teeth onto and pull but could never actually sever - it just got longer and longer - sort of sweet melted mozarella. Now I wonder why they stopped making them

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Bunny Tots+Texans

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