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Potato Bonsai

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5th Earth (speaker to the void)

Just thought this peculiar little variation deserved a mention. Potato bonsai is the art of taking a standard potato, allowing it to sprout, and then shaping the sprouts into various artistc shapes as they grow. Naturally no natural phenomenon (other than potato sprouts themselves) can be really re-created this way, but the rather alien-looking sprouts can still be trained into an endless range of artistic forms. As an added bonus for the impatient, they are cheap, hard to kill, and grow very quickly.

Potato Bonsai

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Well I never! That's a very interesting idea. Potato bonsai would make a great class project for school kids. It's just the sort of thing that would capture the young imagination. The fast growth rate would also make that ideal.

I'm going to give it a try.

JTG smiley - ok

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