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I have to say I enjoyed reading the article and felt that it gave a good representation of what it is like being Bi.
I would like to add, that being Bi that I think that there are shades of grey in the sexuality area. Personally I see myself as bi, however I prefer men. Were in the article you put across the image that Bi people are not bothered about the sex of a partner, I would suggest that bi people might not be bothered about the sex of there partner, but they might also have a preference if only a very slight one.

[I'm re reading this as I type it to figure out if it makes sense!!]

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Thanks for your thoughts. smiley - smiley

I didn't include much information about gender preferences among bisexual people largely because I didn't want to take a lot of time explaining it. If I simply mentioned it and moved on, people would tend to make a lot of false assumptions. For example, a lesbian dating a bisexual woman with a slight preference for men might grow more worried that her partner would leave her or fool around on her. This is no more likely to happen than if she were dating another lesbian, but you try convincing her of that after she hears her gender is not "preferred."

Also, "preference" can refer to one's past history more than what one expects to occur in the future. Or one might say their "preference" is different now than it used to be. Gay and straight people tend to find this very confusing. And there are a lot of shades of grey. In the end, I just left it out rather than leave people guessing what it all means.

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