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Biological Factors

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Well written; a good sociocultural perspective on gender identity and orientation. However, while you hint at it, you have conspicuously omitted (intentionally or otherwise) any suggestions as to the cause of orientation, ie, choice vs. biology.

I think it would be good for readers to be aware of the fact that there are several biological correlates of homosexuality that occur for both males and females, and what is more interesting is that these correlates are determined in utero. This means that there are likely to be developmental differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals. While these by no means imply that all homosexuality is biologically determined, there are certainly biological factors that may influence orientation. And this, of course, has a major impact on our understanding of orientation, especially in regards to some of the "treatments" that have been, and are still being, used to force gays, lesbians, and others (transexuals, transgendered) to live "normal" lives.

Thankfully, two provinces in my home country of Canada (BC & Ontario) have now allowed for gay marriages. This trend will hopefully spread throught the US and Europe (and eventually, beyond), allowing for increased understanding of these issues and greater tolerance towards other lifestyles.


Biological Factors

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

You have a good point, exrhinoboy. I didn't include more information about biological causes for several reasons.

First, I wanted the project to be very easily accessible - even for youngsters will relatively little knowlege of biology, genetics, hormones, etc.

Second, articles dealing with medical and/or scientific information have a bit of a higher standard at h2g2 for factual accuracy. I wasn't sure I was ready to put in the time and effort that required.

Finally, information on the subject is constantly changing and being updated. An artical written today when viewed a year from now might seem incomplete at best or misleading at worst. I felt it might be better to wait until the phenomenon is better understood.

I would love to see someone else tackle the subject. However, I just didn't feel qualified. Perhaps someday someone will volunteer. smiley - smiley

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