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i read about a transexual who said they where a woman trapped in a mans body, but that they prefered women and where therefore a lesbian. But surely someone who has a mans body but fancies women is a hetrosexual.

Is that er right??


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Well, I'll try to give you an answer, but actually you already have the answer within your question.
"transexual who said they where a woman trapped in a mans body". So, this person is a woman but only the outer packaging is differently then you would normally identify with a woman. Well, if you as a woman love another woman that is normally called: being a lesbian. In this case 'gender' had got to do with the feeling about yourself, not with the outer packaging. This person is a woman, the only thing that happened is that the packaging of this woman has gone astray and she ended up in the wrong sort of packaging (body).
You judge her by her physical appearance, not by her 'gender'.

I know, it is difficult if you have never come across this in your life and if you judge by norms. But please try to understand:
This person is a woman! And she classes herself as lesbian because she falls in love with another woman.

I am sorry, there is just no other way I can explain this better. Hopefully this makes sense to you?

Bye, Jacqueline

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