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How to best prepare for old age

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Laura Elizabeth, the Sensuous Seneschal of Sentience (a.k.a. LEM the Loon)

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1) How to get a good pension/how to invest money.

Investing in mutual funds, certificates of deposits, bonds, etc., outside a company provided plan is very important. A system of automatic savings helps. One of the best ideas I've ever been given is to pay myself first. 10% of my net paycheck goes directly into several stock and mutual funds. I don't miss that small amount out of each cheque.

2) How to stay in work if you want to.

In the United States, more and more people, 65 and older, are staying in the workforce. There are restrictions on how much they can earn without losing their Social Security (state pension) benefits. Not all of the semi-retired stay within their own industry. Many start new careers on a part-time basis following their avocations.

3) How to make sure you're in good health.

By living a lifestyle of moderation, starting as early in life as possible.

4) How to stay happy and busy and 5) How to establish an active social life.

Outside of work and family, establish friendships, hobbies. Be willing to grow and explore the world around you. Be open to new ideas. Never stop learning.

5) How to you make sure you've got no (or rather, few) regrets.

Live honestly with yourself and others. Always try new things. Find what's good in your life and keep it; remove what isn't and don't look back.

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