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erm, hope I'm not turning into a fussy old git but when did Australasia become Oceania? Why? Whose idea was it? (Bet anyone a stubbie to a Yatla meat pie it was an American). What's next, Queensland being renamed Marilyn Monroe State?

I mean, blimey, it's only been 20 years since I did O level geography.


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Gordon, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

Oceania actually refers to more than just Australia. It includes a whole bunch (highly technical term) of the islands in the south Pacific. smiley - earth

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Its been Oceania for quite a while now hasnt it? ...although maybe not... i dunno smiley - smiley Im guessing its cos all the other countries who were in 'Australasia' got annoyed cos it made everyone think the continent was only Australia, so they changed it. Fair point if you ask me.

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