A Conversation for Australia - A Cultural Perspective

Love it!

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Researcher 198131

I love this entrysmiley - biggrin!
It's slightly inaccurate, and a little stereotypical, but it's soooo funny.smiley - laugh I laughed out loud all the way through it.
It's always interesting to see how those in the outside world view us.smiley - smiley Great article!

Weird moment: "Sounds of Then" by Gangajang just came on the radio as I was typing this!smiley - weird

Love it!

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Just for those who don't know this song the chorus goes:

Out on the patio we sit
And the humidity we breath
We watch the lightning crack over cane fields
Laugh and think
This is Australia

Or at least words to that affect....smiley - biggrin

Love it!

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yup, this is hilarious.

Orinoco, when did you come to aus.

none the less this is hilarious and even if it is a bit steriotypical, its funny and has truth in it.

Love it! --- inspiring!

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Ineffable, <Boing>-King!!!

Wow... amazing... I need to work on my writting skills... Thanx.. this was a great example of an inspiring posting... hopefully, I will one day manage to have the capacity to offer such a good, interesting, funny read!

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