A Conversation for Australia - A Cultural Perspective


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Fantastic entry!! Just the thing I was looking for before I head off down under next month. Thank you!


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Hello there and welcome to h2g2 i hope that you will like it here.
We are a very friendly bunch and like to greet the newcomers to the site so hi there.
Before you head of down under try reading terry pratchetts the last continent it will but you in the right frame of mind.
If you need any help just reply to this message and i will see what i can do.


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thank you very much for the greeting!! I'm actually a returner to h2g2 - I was here at the very beginning ... all those years ago! Thought this would be a good time to re-enter the fold, get used to being a hitchiker again and all that! Oh, and ta for the pratchett recommendation, haven't reads one of his for ages but I've heard he's had a return to form of late. Oh dear - I do ramble on don't I ... sorry ...


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The Artist Formerly Known as Nerd42

This entry is totally froody! I got here via the Infinate Improbability Drive on the front page after accidentally visiting several strange articles about tips on visiting beauty parlors, which cars not to buy, and some kind of food that started with a "D." Totally uninteresting stuff, so I thought the Edited guide was a load of dingo's kidneys until the next trip, when I saw this! I'm going to try that thing more often, and I'm heading over to the article on the usefulness of sticks linked to on this page next, because I never thought about that before. Bye!

smiley - towelNerd42


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hope u enjoyed your trip down under. let me know what u thought? the land of drought, flood, bush fires, heat,& creepy crawlies. But a great place to live& wouldn't swap it for quids.

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