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Bach Cello Suites

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You mentioned Bach's cello sonatas but not his suites, which are more well known. Was this deliberate?

Bach Cello Suites

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Gnomon - time to move on

No, this was an error. I got confused between the Suites and the Sonatas.

Yes, Bach's Cello Suites are an amazing piece of work. Would you like to write something here about them?

Bach Cello Suites

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Hmmm.. Writing something about the suites would be quite difficult. I can only play the first one so my experience of the rest is limited.

Look ing at your space I saw that you were interested in ancient civilisations. I'm busy writing an entry on the Incas. Perhaps you'd like to pop over and check the article or even help: A848766. There's still quite a bit I've written but not posted.
smiley - smiley I'll try to think of something about the Cello Suites smiley - smiley

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Bach Cello Suites

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