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Influences for learning the instrument

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Captain Bagpuss and for this week only also known as "Nervous Newbie" until I get the hang of it

Picture the scene, bored violinist - has been playing since 8 years old - desperate to try something new - something with a bit more bass.
One day she sits listening to Saint-Saens "The Swan" and is overjoyed. Then she watches "The Witches of Eastwick", you know the scene where Jack Nicolson manages to get Susan Sarandon playing the really difficult bit on her cello. The cello catches fire and there's unbridled emotion flowing freely.

So, I go to school and ask my music teacher if I can learn to play.

Unfortunately it is more difficult than I first realised smiley - sadface

And I end up finding out that I'm allergic to my cello teacher.

But that's another story ...

Influences for learning the instrument

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Gnomon - time to move on

Keep at it! It's a beautiful instrument and you can feel special because cello players are somewhat rare.

Influences for learning the instrument

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Hear, hear!!! Keep with it! I found the 'cello hard to start playing, but later on it gets better. At first, it's a bit annoying, because the violin always gets the melody (grumble grumble, don't get me started), and certainly when you're switching to 'cello from a different instrument, it's difficult, but once you get to play The Swan, or the bach suites, or the vivaldi 'cello concerto, it's worth it! The 'cello has a larger range than the violin, and sounds amazingly rich. Please keep on trying!!!

... can't you get a new 'cello teacher?

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