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Removal of tattoos

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Many years ago, I was on a ship with the Royal Navy where the medical officer was researching tattoo removal. Any one who went down the sick bay was welcomed with "Have you got any tattoos that you want remooving?" Then he would ask about your ailment (I see your legs hanging off - has it got any tattoos on it?)

The treatments included over tattooing with various mixes including tannin and salt solutions. The problem was that he never attempted to remove a whole picture at one time - he would apply the treatment in strips and monitor and compare progress with the original artwork.

This made for some interesting sights, as black panthers would turn into rather mangy striped cats before finally disappearing.

Removal of tattoos

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Researcher 180116

Does anyone know if this tattoo removal proceedure is available anywhere??? All I can find is laser treatment smiley - sadface

Removal of tattoos

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There is a new treatment in the UK. The company is called Tattoo Erase -- http://www.tattooerase.com

The method is all natural-- it hurts about as much as getting a tattoo. I know three people who did this, and they all had good results!! It takes a few sessions though, so plan ahead if you want to be tattoo free for holiday, getting married, etc. Basically, a natural ointment is injected below the surface of your skin, which induces your body to recognize the tattoo as a foreign object. It is then expelled the same way your skin might expel a splinter.

This is from their website:

"Developed in Germany during 20 years of research and development and supported by Swiss precision technology, Tattoo Erase will restore the skin to virtually its pre-tattoo condition. It is a completely natural procedure, less painful than lasers, that is effective removing all colours including reds, greens and yellows.

Minmal Risk of Scarring

No Loss of Skin Pigment

Treatment of all colors

All ages,sizes & styles of tattoos erased

Clean, clinical and friendly service

Removal of tattoos

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We own a tattoo studio and have seen the result of these injections to remove the tattoo. In all cases that we have seen the treatment has left scars. The best way to get a tattoo removed is by laser, which very rarely leaves scars. If you can find a tattooist in your area who has a laser then they dont charge half as much as a clinic would.

Removal of tattoos

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Hi I have been using tattoo removal cream for 8 months now and my tattoo has 80% gone? in the begining I thought it sounds to good to be true and was going to try laser. But this method was cheaper and painless and it realy works www.tattooremovalcream.co.uk is the site try it.

Removal of tattoos

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Removal of tattoos

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I though I would share my story. I am in my late thirties and when I was younger I had a tattoo on my arm. I now work in the city, and it is not appropriate. I enquired about laser tattoo removal, but was told it would not be effective for all of the colours. I then asked about IPL which is pulsed light tattoo removal. I had assumed laser would be better, but because this techniques has a spread of light wavelengths it catches all the colours. I had my tattoo removed and i extremely happy with the results. It was done by a lovely lady called Sheila, who has a clinic on Fenchurch St. For anyone considering this, I would recommend IPL.

Removal of tattoos

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Ha, just told Sheila about this and she asked if I had linked to her, I had not, so here is a link. http://www.ipltattooremoval.co.uk

Removal of tattoos

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I would like to recommend a place where I have my tattoo removed. It was on my shoulder and if I am honest it hurt quite a lot and took several sessions. However I had complete confidence in the clinic. The results were great and it feels good to be able to recommend them. The tattoo removal clinic is based in the city of london and their site is http://www.citytattooremoval.comsmiley - smiley

Removal of tattoos

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New dedicated tattoo removal community, they are looking to gather all uk tattoo removal clinics to one place.

Worth a look when looking around for tattoo removal, still quite a new site but interesting and you can check it out at http://www.tattoo-removal-clinics.co.uk

smiley - biggrin
smiley - okBest wishes in getting your tattoo removal whether it's for good or tired of an old tattoo and want to change it for something different.


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Removal of tattoos

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There is a clinic in Surrey who are developing a new tattoo removal concept...they call it Bi Therapy Tattoo removal and it use the Rejuvi Non Laser tattoo removal system and the Q Switched ND YAG laser, but they will use laser alone if they feel the client will benefit from it. They aim to get the tattoo off in 8 treatments or less. http://dermaeraze.co.uk

Removal of tattoos

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If you're looking for Tattoo removal in or around London I can't recommend these guys enough: http://tattooremovalexperts.co.uk/ They remove the tats with a pulse of light that breaks down the tattoo bit by bit. It was a relatively painful experience but they delivered fantastic results and I can't thank them enough.

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