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A black cat crossed my path today...`

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

More specifically, it crossed the A1 as I was cruising in to work at 8.30 this morning.

I have always been a touch cynical about spinster's tales such as the black cat one, but I now know without a doubt that this one is completely false.

The cat brought no luck to me at all. My hubcaps are covered in blood which I am going to have to employ the services of the Mexican Carwash on the Holloway Road to remedy.

The carcass of the cat shot through the air at quite a speed when I hit it, landing on the bonnet of a car in the fast lane. To cut a long story short, the firemen managed to cut the lady out of the wreckage, but 3 people's cars have been written off as a result of this cats behaviour, and needless to say this cat hasn't had a very lucky day, forfeiting it's 9 lives through one act of monumental stupidity.

A black cat crossed my path today...`

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A black cat crossed my path today...`

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

Cats are nothing but vermin. I put poison in my garden and am averaging 5 a month right now.

A black cat crossed my path today...`

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Yes,I am the Lady Lowena!Get with the programme...

you still here? Thats nice.

A black cat crossed my path today...`

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

Yes. My shed is so filled up with dead cats that I have had to start hiding them at the end of my neighbours lawn. It's alright though, she's mentally ill and nobody believes a word she says.

I'm moving to South East Asia next month. Woo! Thank goodness I will finally escape the hell that is working for the BBC!

A black cat crossed my path today...`

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What if YOU cross the black cat's path, instead?

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