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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

In the numbers and words section, the following is stated about the North West Territories:

Capital: Yellowknife (population 47,560)
Population: 17,500

Does that mean that Yellowknife isn't actually in the North Western Territories, or just that the population of Yellowknife doesn't want to be a part of the North Western Territories, but maybe Quebec instead?smiley - smiley
It just seems a bit weird that the capital of the NWT has a population 3 times the size of the total number of population of the NWT.

Yeah, I have a question...

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SchrEck Inc.

Well spotted! According to the 2002 census at http://www.stats.gov.nt.ca/Statinfo/Census/2002NWTPopSurve/_2002PopSurvey.html the figures are

NWT - 40,700 inhabitants
Yellowknife - 17,800 inhabitants

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SchrEck Inc.

Yeah, I have a question...

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uh-oh. How did Gordon miss that one?

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I wonder if any italics are listening who could make that switch?

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Fixed smiley - ok

Yeah, I have a question...

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thank you very very much.smiley - cheers

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Researcher 233189

Just stumbling upon this conversation regarding the oddly inversed population of Yellowknife, I noticed that the error was quickly dismissed as being a typo. This is in fact incorrect.

Travelling to the North West Territories, I've observed that despite the reduction in geographical size it has suffered with the break away territory of Nunavut, it is still really REALLY big, and its average population density is still practically non-existant.

This in itself is not that curious as it typifies pretty much all of Canada and as such makes it a perfect specimen on which to model many assumptions about the country as a whole. Arriving in Yellowknife I conducted an experiment (involving a great deal of liquer) to help verify the inverse population of its capital. The results: while sober 2/3rds of Yellowknife's population is mysteriously hidden (probably within some sort of pocket dimension, or space/time rift) but these hidden citizens become more visible the less sober one is.

Mystery truely solved. Question answered. Hopefully we all can rest well now.

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Yeah, I have a question...

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