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Nothing aboot the accent?

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Mew Gull

I always thought the 'oot and aboot' business was strictly an Eastern thing. Seems to me that most of the Canadian stereotypes are actually just things Ontarians do.

Nothing aboot the accent?

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I was recently discussing the aboot thing on another thread, and it turns out that while Americans have a concept of Canadians saying "aboot", New Zealanders think we say "aboat". And, yes, it does seem to be something particular to some areas of Ontario. And, in general, we don't go to such extreme lengths of articulation that many Americans do: "abaowt".

Nothing aboot the accent?

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Puffypants -NOT AN ACE or anything else. Just a chocolate lover and a Friend of Tibet.

I am Canadian and I do not say "aboot"(except when I am talking about footwear!smiley - biggrin). I haven't heard anyone say "aboot"!
And I think we forgot something "eh"?
smiley - smiley

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Nothing aboot the accent?

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