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E G Mel

Thank you for this entry, I am only 19 and have no intention of getting pregnant for a long while yet. However it was really nice to be able to read an insightful enty such as this with so many real life tales.

My heart goes out to all who have lost someone in this way, and I pray that you have strength through the difficult times. smiley - hug

Mel smiley - hsif

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I lost a baby die to miscarriage thirty years ago. I already had one daughter and went on to have two more after the miscarriage. I express my feeling in this poem.


Our beings were entwined for such a short time

Your life force soon vaporised into the ether.

The separation caused me physical and emotional trauma,

Memories are prompted by chronologically significant dates,

Sadly, I think of what might have been.

Will our souls be reunited in the celestial hereafter?

Until then your gender and nature will remain an ENIGMA.

Rose-Mary Gower

Copyright Rose-Mary Gower 2002

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E G Mel

That is a lovely poem, thank you for sharing it with us.

Welcome to h2g2, we are a fairly vibrant community and I hope you find time to get to know us.

A559695 might be a useful page as it contains links to various parts of the site.

If you write an intro to yourself on your personal space (top left then top right <edit page&gtsmiley - winkeye then an ACE will come and welcome you officially to the site.

You can visit people's spaces by clicking on their name above their messages. Feel free to have a look at mine!

Happy h2g2ing smiley - winkeye

Mel smiley - hsif

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Thank you both for your kind words. I was just revisiting my piece becaue a friend of mine had a miscarriage and I was wondering if it might help her at all.

I've been a bit absent of late here at H2G2, but your insightful comments and that incredible poem made me recall just how wonderful this group is.


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E G Mel

I'm glad to hear you've seen the light, H2G2 is an amazing place, just don't get too addicted!

Mel smiley - hsif

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