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Me too!

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I just wanted to add to the other well wishers here. I have also had Hodgkin's disease (stage IIA, lymphocyte-rich "classical") and finished treatment for it just a couple of months ago. My experiences were similar although I had a different chemo regime and radiotherapy too.

Hope it stays away for good

Me too!

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I was diagnosed with hodgkins disease whilst pregnant in 1992, went on to have my chemo whilst still pregnant my baby was born 3 months early ( she is now 11) I couldn't have donated eggs as I was pregnant & had 9months of chemo & am glad to tell you I have just had another baby 5months ago, hope your doing well.

Me too!

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this sounds very familiar to me ,as i have a very rare thyroid cancer.I had a 7 hour operation to try to remove tumour,but to no avail,as surgeon only managed to get a very small part of it out as it was tangled round my windpipe and vocal chords and operating there again is a no no.Ihad intensive radio and chemotherapy which has helped ,but there are still masses of the tumour there.They are just keeping an eye on me at the moment,and i am very very possitive about the whole thing and will continue to be so.My doctors and surgeon have spoke of extremely complicated operations for the future,and of course i have shown a desire to have these.So for the moment ,the battle goed on .

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