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Well I can't believe how your guide also relates to Artists, I have had a good training ground as an Artist, because everything you related to an up and coming Writer applies to Artists, I should know. It was interesting about rejections, because fifteen years ago I wrote a book, it was of course rejected with the standard letter as you described so well, yes I binned my work immediately and foregot about any hopes I had of becoming a Writer. Today I am less egotistical and wish to do this as an interest with no pressure of glory or false dreams. Can you please diagnose me, I ask you, why have I chosen two of the hardest professions to be in? I've painted it, now I'm going to write it. Strangely tongue in cheek, your article has inspired me to continue with my new hobby, thank you.

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Lucky Llareggub - no more cannibals in our village, we ate the last one yesterday..

read good stuff, again and again and again
(how can you write good stuff if you don't read it?)
now go back to line one
don't burden the world's bookshelves with groaning boredom
they're full of it already

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