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Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

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My husband suffers v. badly from psoriasis, he has it all over his body; chest, back, arms, legs, scalp, feet. He has found PUVA beneficial in the past but is not using it at present because of the risks associated with UVA. He also uses Dovonex cream (I think this is the same as Calcipotriol).

I think one of the main problems associated with this disease is the psychological impact it can have on the sufferer. My husband, Chris, finds it v. hard to meet people for the first time who don't know about psoriasis, he can get quite defensive about it, and has a v. low self image as a result. One of the major embarresments for him is the shedding of skin that happens. Does anyone else have any comments about the psychological aspect of the disease? And how I can help as someone who lives with and loves someone with psoriasis.

Many thanks

Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

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Hey Jude (bet you haven't heard that one beforesmiley - winkeye) - just wondering if you were still about to talk about this?

Sue smiley - smiley

Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

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Hi Sue I'm still here, I don't check every day but normally have a look at things once a week or so - do you have any insight into this aspect of Psoriasis?


Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

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Well, I don't know if I have much insight, there are time when I cope with my skin better than others.

I can relate to his defensiveness well, I hate others mentioning it - it makes me feel like the psoriasis is being noticed. I'll quite happily talk about it, it's just that i have to mention it first.

I'm generally a lot happier this time of the year too - everyone else is wearing trousers and long sleeves, it's easier to disguise. There are times when I feel so bad that on hot summers days I'll wear trousers and long sleeves then too, although I think this actually draws more attention to what I'm trying to hide!

What I do get embarrased about is the patches on my hands, theres not much I can do to hide those, I've also got several fingernails lifting or disfigured and it feels like they shout out to anyone. I'm sure I've seen shop assistants grimace when I hand over money.smiley - erm

As to how to help your husband, I would think that just by being there and loving him regardless is about the biggest help going. I sometimes feel I owe my husband my sanity, just for being there for me when it gets really bad - like no sleep all week because the itching is so bad. He reckons he doesn't even notice it (probably a fib, but it makes me feel better so I take it at face value). My skincare routine can take up to 3 hours a day when my skin is really bad and I resent the time it takes. Without his gentle reminders to leave h2g2 alone for an hour and put the gunk on, I'd probably not bother as much.smiley - smiley

I don't know if this is any help to you at all, maybe it'll help just feeling you're not alone dealing with this.

smiley - hug

Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

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Also ran 1

Hi friends, My psioritic arthritis was diagnosed five years ago by a rheumatologist who informed me, after having had a bone scan done on me that "Your joints are shot you will be in a wheelchair in three months". Well she was two years out. I am in a wheelchair now because all the cartilage between my joints has been affected by this illness. I also lost all my nails and my hands peeled five times in a year. I find that those transparent gloves which one buys at the supermarket are the best . There are ten pairs for the odd pound. I have also had four years of acupuncture and herbs to drink daily. This has been wonderful in controlling the pain and also the skin condition but unfortunately I can no longer afford either of these aids. I also have a wonderful cream which I use which I buy at my acupuncturist. It is much better than any of the cortisone creams or the other loads of creams which I tried on my back, my legs, my feet and my hands. I also have zinc chelate every day, and for the last four years have had massive doses of glucosamine with condroitin for my joints. I am not sure that this has helped - it also costs a lot of money - because I have recently had more Xrays and they now think I have developed osteoparosis.I found that our local health shop has a lady in charge who was really well informed as to the food additives which one could take. I think that the itching means that one just has to be careful not to use anything which can aggravate the skin such as bath oil, soaps talcum. creams etc. If you would like me to give you the name of my acupuncturist I can. I would however like someone high up in h2g2 to tell me how to go about letting you know something like this. I have had this condition since I was a child but because I lived in a country where there was a lot of sun it never manifested itself so seriously until I came to live in England.I have however had what I thought was arthritis for at least 35 years of my life.However it is only since I have lived in England and after open heart surgery that I have become really incapacitated. Thank goodness for my computer - otherwise my life would be very ordinary. I thank you for the very informative article and if I can do anything to help I would be only too pleased to do so.It is a very difficult illness to live with and I offer you much affection in your efforts in getting to grips with it.Very sincerely, Also Ran1 smiley - schooloffish

Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

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Researcher 209693

I may be totally off the mark, but here goes anyway.

I have suffered from mild psoriasis since childhood. It comes and goes and flares up a few times a year, but I have alway had dry flaking skin on my hands, feet, elbows and scalp. My scalp has been continousy inflamed for years and have tried cortisones etc with only short term relief.

I also suffer from migraines, headaches, clusterheadaches, arthritis and have been overweight most of my adult life.

At the beginning of this year I was at my wits end with the daily debiltating and painful headaches which I had suffered from for months. I came across a product called BePure (search on the web for it) via a friend of mine. It is a detoxifying aid. I though I have nothing to lose so gave it a try. It came with a diet sheet that recommends 3 days of eating only fruit and veg and 2 litres of water a day, then add other food and continue with the 2 litres of water a day for life. After about 4 days my headaches stopped and have not returned after 11 months. I continued with the detox for a month.

Unexpected positive side affects were amazing!

I lost 6 kgs in that month, my scalp cleared up, my hands and feet cleared up and I now feel less stressed in general.

I now eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water, eat much less wheat and dairy products and my hands and feet are the best they have ever been in my life!

Almost a year later I have lost a total of 20kgs and my skin is soft and smooth for the first time in my life.

My recommendation is to do a 30 day detox (does not mean you have to starve at all) you need to get the liver, kidneys, lymph etc clean. I think the water fruit and veg combined with the detox agent did this for me.

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